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Relaunch of Mulligan+

Press Release from Mulligan+


Mulligan+ believe it not started back in 2007 – we beat the Iphone launch. We launched it while working in a bank of all places that was just about to disappear due to the Financial Crises. 

Over around 5 years, we built up the site always struggling to keep focus and then finally in around 2012, we lost focus. Jobs, promotions, life, family all accelerated faster than the revenue and the site was left with little done in over 8 years.

However, with COVID-19 changing business plans, a shift to living in Lisbon, Portugal, a growing desire to get back out on the golf course, we decided to give it another go. 

This time, we have hopefully matured, we have learnt – a little wiser but not too old.

The full relaunch will take some time and will very much depend on the interaction and feedback we have from our users.




The websites focus will be on 3 key areas:

1) Helping golfer finder the best golf courses to play by providing quality information, imagery and player reviews.

2) Articles (News, Equipment & Travel) – helping the golfer keep up to date with general golf news, equipment releases and finding the best travel opportunities out there – with a key focus on Portugal obviously.

3) Handicap tracking and game improvement – coming soon! In 2007, when we first launched the handicap service, we even tested the online version on Blackberry. How things have changed. This will be the last element that we will develop and it will be based on feedback from you. Handicap tracking can be done in so many ways today that if we relaunch this, it needs to be right.

So we really hope you will feedback to us on the site. We have so much work to get the golf course directory up to standard, provide quality tee time booking links, so please give us time and share your thoughts with us. 

We are really looking forward to this phase 2 journey … the site is not yet pretty, but it was about to collapse in the previous version because the coding was no longer supported.

Happy golfing and hope to see you on the journey.

Mulligan+ Team for comments of feedback.

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Reagan Pannell


  1. Hi Reagan,

    Any idea how long it will be until we are able to log scores on the website again? Courses are open again and I have around 5 to submit (not great rounds so the old handicap will be going up!!!).


    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for the message. We have a few challenges ahead for the scorecards, but we are working through so hoping it will be in the next month.

      Do you want to fire through the scorecards to me and I can add them to the back end to ensure they are all kept in the same place?

      Let me know.

      1. Hi Regan,

        Thanks for your swift response and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve just come back to check and see I can now login again so will add my recent scorecards and see how it all works. FYI, the “ANDREW INNES” photo on the website is actually me 🙂

        Kind regards,

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