How Does Your Handicap Change

Every time you play a round, your golf handicap has the potential to change. It may go up or down or it may stay the same. learn how your handicap is adjusted after each round.

How does a golf handicap change

Recalculating your golf handicap after every round can be time consuming and that's one of the reasons why our golf handicap tracker can do it for you. By adding your scorecard, the handicap tool will automatically update your golf handicap ready for your next round.

So what happens?

  1. After you submit your full scorecard we take your Adjusted Score from the SSS of the course.
  2. We take this value (Gross Score) and subtract your current playing handicap
  3. This gives us your Net Score (Net differential)
  4. We then apply your Net Score, to the various Buffer Zones for your handicap.

How confusing is that!

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How does my handicap go up and down

Some examples of a 28 Handicap player.

Your Handicap Increases

Adjusted Score - SSS = Gross Score 103 - 70 = 33
Gross Score - Handicap = Net Score 33 - 28 = 5
If Net Score > Buffer then ADD 0.1 5 is > +4
Running Handicap + 0.1 28.0 + 0.1

Your new handicap would be 28.1


Your Handicap stays the same

Adjusted Score - SSS = Gross Score 101 - 70 = 31
Gross Score - Handicap = Net Score 31 - 28 = 3
Net Score is within Buffer Zone 3 is < +4
No Change to Handicap 28.0

No Change in Handicap


Your Handicap Reduces

Adjusted Score - SSS = Gross Score

95 - 70 = 25

Gross Score - Handicap = Net Score 25 - 28 = -3
Net Score is less than handicap so 0.4 per shot 3 x 0.4 = 1.2
Running Handicap – 1.2 26.8

Your new handicap would be 26.8


To find out more about Stableford points and how they work, visit our Stableford Calculation Guide

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