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Stableford Rules and Stableford Calculator

Stableford is a fantastic way to play golf and its growing in popularity.

Unlike Stroke Play which counts the number of strokes, stableford is a point scoring system which takes into account both your golf handicap and the amount of strokes taken at each hole.

You try to score points on every hole you play and its the total number of points which gives your final stableford points.

It avoids golfers giving up after a terrible hole and also increases the pace of play as golfers can simply pick up there ball and proceed to the next hole.


Stableford Scoring - A Quick Overview



Stableford - Golf Scoring



At Mulligan+ we believe that stableford points are a fantastic way to see how your game is improving and we use it in the Mulligan+ Leagues.

Its also used when calculating your Mulligan+ Points - which is designed to reward good golf.

Your stableford points are also calcualted with each round your add to your online profile.


Stableford V's Stroke Play

In stroke play, you could score a 10 on one particular hole which would ruin your scorecard for the rest of the round.

In stableford, you might score 0 points on that particular hole, but your whole round is not ruined.



Benefits of Stableford Scoring

Firstly, any particularly bad holes, where you play more than 2 or more over your awarded shots, you score 0. Bad holes do count against you because you score no points, but if you played +10 over you are not penalised like in Stroke Play.

Secondly, by awarding players shots on certain holes, everyone, whatever their standard can play together. It's the total points of the round which determines the winner and not the amount of strokes

Thirdly – It's a great way to improve your game. For example, on a difficult Par 5 hole, an 18 handicap player will know that he can play +1 (6 shots) to score 2 points and therefore, they can pretend it’s a Par 6, and play 4 to reach the green. For the same player, a long Par 3 could be played as a Par 4 and still get 2 points. It helps treat the more difficult holes with more respect and can help the way we approach each hole and our game.


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