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Mizuno have long made great golf clubs. They were Nick Faldo’s choice when Nick Faldo’s golf meant something, and they were good enough for Tiger before Tiger got paid to use other equipment.

Mizuno MP360 Driver

But most of the fuss has always been around Mizuno irons. And it’s true their iron’s feel like butter. But they’ve made some other good equipment over the years as well.

They were the first people to give Scotty Cameron a break. They’ve done putter lines with TP Mills and Bob Bettinardi as well. They make a beautiful wedge, as used by Luke Donald on tour. And they’ve also made some of the best drivers I’ve ever hit.

the feel is awesome, very soft at impact, not tin can

The Golf Bag

The T-Zoid might still be the best feeling driver I ever used. But it pushed the design boundaries regarding shape and colour way before most companies dared to. Then there was the Hot metal. An odd flat crowned club that even my dad could hit straight. And for a while the 300 S was the hottest driver on the planet. But in recent years their woods have taken a backseat.

The Mizuno MP-630 Driver should change all that. First of all, she’s a great looker. From address it’s plain and simple, no funky bells and whistles, just a good looking driver. For golfers who don’t like to tinker there’s the normal option, however if you like the ability to adjust your driver for the conditions the Mizuno MP-630 FastTrack Driver is the one to go for.

Two slidable weights go around a horseshoe shaped track on the sole. Weight to the front lowers the spin. To the back it raises the lunch, round to the heel helps with a draw, while out to the toe encourages a fade. Changes are noticeable, if not massive, and most golfers will probably use it to get the optimum spin rate then never adjust again.

So it’s got looks and adjustability, how else does it fair? Well the feel is awesome, very soft at impact, not tin can like in the slightest. It’s also very forgiving, with a high MOI for such a traditional looking head. Most importantly it’s long. Part of this is down to the proprietary Mitsubishi Fubuki shaft, although we’d recommend an upgrade for any one with a high swing speed, as it’s definitely a lightweight shaft.

Our Summary of the Mizuno MP-630 Driver

This is a great driver for someone who doesn’t like to use the same clubs as everyone else, yet also doesn’t want to lose anything in performance. And if you appreciate the soft Mizuno iron feel, you’ll probably appreciate this as well.


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